Prog Rock Meets Folk As Moulettes Soar In London

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Welcome to the world of prog folk, an unusual marriage of traditional British folk music with the prog – or progressive – rock that dominated alternative music in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Moulettes are among the current leading UK practitioners of the sub-genre. They are like a cross between Pentangle and the Kronos Quartet, by way of Kate Bush and early Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett. The band members are not oldies seeking to reinvent their youth. In their 20s and 30s, they are a new generation to embrace the music, coming from diverse musical backgrounds and clearly relishing the opportunity to experiment. Not so much, however, that it did not afford Saturday’s delighted audience a chance to test the Islington venue’s sprung floor with some appropriate foot-stomping.
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Folk band Hello Death gives life to warm Christmas song

Hello Death, Marielle Allschwang (from left), Nathaniel Heuer, Shawn Stephany and Erin Wolf, performs a Christmas song in the Tap Milwaukee Studios.

When the band formed: Right around the end of 2010. I had a bunch of material written and wanted to have it performed and recorded. They were more verse chorus verse song structures and shorter format, and that didn’t especially jive with what (another band I’m in) Altos was doing. So I asked people who were in Altos if they wanted to work on songs with me. And luckily everybody I asked said yes. Band name back story: Altos was briefly known as Hello Death Goodbye Killers.
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Borderline Folk Music Club Goes to Montebello Sunday for BlueGrass Jam with Roger Sprung, Wild Bill Jones and More

DACRE Borderline Folk Music Club will host a BlueGrass jam on Sunday, December 8, noon to 5 p.m. Sol Zeller, president of the Borderline Club, says this is a new venue for this event at the home/studio of Dyana Van Campen and Rober Kramer and will be a chance for all to participate playing, jamming and singing along with the legendary Roger Sprung on banjo, veteran all star crew of Richie Hawthorne on stand up bass, Drew Smith on autoharp, Wild Bill Jones on guitar and vocals and Jerry Korobow on mandolin, slide guitar and vocals. Members of the audience are invited to bring instruments and voices and join in the folk jam session. Those attending are asked to brig a potluck dish to share with four others. The location is at 3 Cobblestone Farm Court, Montebello. Entrance is off Viola Road on the East side of Mile Road behind Suffern High School. Information at or 845-354-4586.
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