Breathing Lessons On The Piano

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Musical notes

I want it to come back at me more, to have more fullness. Im not really sure what Im talking about here. All I know is that am probably going to waste some money in a year or so and buy a piano thats way over my abilities just so I can experience the pleasure of having it make those beautiful sounds when I play it. Will I ever be a concert pianist? No and no.
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The Piano Lesson

Unfortunately, Carhart’s description of his new life among Luc and the other piano connoisseurs is occasionally stilted, as if he were translating from the French. This is most evident when he is offering a primer on the fundamentals of tuning, temperament and piano history. In contrast, his writing is most relaxed and evocative when he is in the atelier: ”The keys felt cool and slightly irregular beneath my fingers, their surfaces worn by years of playing, and I wondered what I always wondered as I touched the broad expanse of aged ivory: who had played this piano and where, and what music had they made?” In the end, though, there is only so much Carhart can say about the atelier. Even the rarest and most beautiful pianos can take on a seen-one-amazing-soundboard-seen-’em-all sameness. Carhart keeps things moving by offering more Parisian piano lore — providing, for example, a chapter about the renowned music school where Debussy once taught. He also adds what might be considered filler, including an account of a trip to Sacile, north of Venice, to visit Paolo Fazioli, the maker of extraordinary modern-day pianos. But even these excursions from the main narrative are pulled off with infectious enthusiasm.
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Government crack down on music teachers

Ingle had ever written that touched on the code. Mr. Ingle estimates he has spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours since March complying with this federal colonoscopy. This October, MTNA signed a consent decreeits contents as ludicrous as the investigation. The association did not have to admit or deny guilt. It must, however, read a statement out loud at every future national MTNA event warning members against talking about prices or recruitment.
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