Classical Music Concerts For Holiday List

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Seuss’ story, with Robert Franz conducting. 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Dec. 14.
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Classical music still effective at dispersing loitering teens


The band came together in a bid to take part in a music festival called Break Free, August 2012, held at Forum Mall, Bangalore. The band was first named Echoes, but there were three or four bands with the same name. So, we decided to change it to something unique. The name has two parts, E and Swara. E can mean anything ranging from electronic to ethnic, while swara signifies the classical foundation, explains Yogeendra Hariprasad, the lead vocalist and the keyboard player.
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Indian Classical goes Western with Eswara

Before the music “they wouldn’t get on the train, that’s how you’d know they were [loitering].” There are different schools of thought on what makes classical music such an effective crime deterrent. Some people believe that classical music acts as a soothing agent, neutralizing aggressive and destructive impulses, and creating a more peaceful atmosphere. The Seattle Times reported in 2009 that its effectiveness might have something to do with “people’s neurobiological responses to things they don’t enjoy or find unfamiliar.” When people hear music they don’t like, their brains suppress the production of dopamine — a neurotransmitter that regulates pleasure and other emotions — which puts a damper on their spirits. It should be noted that the connection between classical music and crime can be more sinister in nature, especially at the movies, where the classics often serve as the soundtrack for the psychopathic mind. In “A Clockwork Orange,” the protagonist has an obsession with Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and goes on a rape and murder spree during which the music of his beloved “Ludwig van” plays in the background.
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