Tv Is Live With ‘the Sound Of Music,’ Starring Carrie Underwood And Stephen Moyer

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Also in rehearsal for the live "Sound of Music" are Laura Benanti, who portrays Baroness Elsa Schrader, and Christian Borle, who portrays Max Detweiler.

I think people will realize from the first scene that this isnt the movie, Zadan adds. The challenge of presenting this post-Andrews Sound of Music is not limited to vanquishing the ghosts of the revered film, but also dealing with an untested, albeit Grammy-winning, talent. Carrie doesnt come from the musical theater world like a lot of the other people here, Meron says. She was more of a novice in the field. So she had some catching up to do. To her credit, Meron says shes done it. Shes incredibly hard-working, he says.
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Music of ‘Llewyn Davis’ reveals Coens’ version of America

premiere at the New York Film Festival, but a select group of local audiences got an even bigger treat than the movie itself: The next day, a concert featuring music from the film, out Friday, took place at Town Hall. Stars of the movie, including Oscar Isaac, John Goodman and Carey Mulligan, graced the stage alongside the likes of Joan Baez, Elvis Costello and the Punch Brothers. But the four-hour show, titled Another Day, Another Time and scheduled to be broadcast on Showtime on Dec. 13, featured a lot more than the 14 folk tunes included on the Llewyn Davis soundtrack. In the opening minutes, before anyone said a word, the Punch Brothers performed a pitch-perfect rendition of Bob Nolan’s Tumbling Tumbleweeds, which famously sets the scene at the start of the Coen brothers’ cult favorite The Big Lebowski.
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‘The Sound of Music’ still a classic

Portland, OR from the St Johns Bridge

Around this time, World War II is starting. Julie Andrews earned an Academy Award nomination for her performance. She deserved it as she brings a lot of energy to the role. Christopher Plummer is also very good. He shows that the captain is cold toward Maria at first, but he eventually becomes smitten.
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