Music-based Program May Boost Seniors’ Brain Function, Mood

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“This may have implications for everyday life function,” since many situations require individuals to pay selective attention to one thing while blocking out something else, such as distracting surroundings, Hars and her coauthors write in the journal Age and Ageing. How the training might be responsible for the improvements is unknown, Hars acknowledges. However, she noted, “some studies suggest that music can mitigate effects of the aging brain (and) some studies have revealed that specific physical exercise regimens may enhance (not only) cognitive performance but also brain function or brain structure of older adults.” Jacques-Dalcroze eurhythmics puts it all together in a program that combines gait, balance, movement coordination and flexibility training while also engaging attention and memory skills, Hars said. This “is likely to engage multiple brain regions through a combination of music, rhythm, and exercise,” Hars said. Whether the training is also linked with fewer falls or improved walking ability in these seniors remains to be studied, the researchers point out in their report.
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Folk music needs a stage to survive: Malini Awasthi

He then started private lessons and went on to study composition with Prof. Lee Zakian, piano with Kevin Talty, as well as violin and percussion. He also performed in Calderones string ensemble and wind ensemble. The Calderone School of Music is a professional music school providing private instruction on all instruments and voice for students of all ages and ability levels. The school offers kindermusik classes for children ages birth to 7, Suzuki string plus, professional development division and college preparatory division.
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Calderone School of Music in East Hanover and Springfield’s music graduate wins at Harvard

Since I am from Awadh, I will sing songs associated with Awadh. The traditional folk music of Uttar Pradesh is what I’m known for, hence I’ll sing wedding songs based on the ‘nataura’ (songs sung by women all night) as they wait for the ‘baraat’ (wedding party) to return with the bride. There will be songs on the sehra (turban-tying ceremony of the groom) and ‘kajri’ and ‘bidai’ (bride’s parting with her family). I will also perform Sufiana kalaam of Amir Khusrau and Bedam Shah Warsi. What’s your biggest learning from Girija Devi? Passion and hard work. She followed the gurukul style of teaching where, as a student, I lived with her and learnt music.
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