How Important Is Music Education In Schools?

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New Framework for Music Education

Krystopher previously learned to play clarinet and took private lessons four days a week for four years. He currently participates in his middle school band playing percussion. When asked what level of dedication is needed to be successful in music, he replied “A lot!” In New Jersey, River Edge’s Teacher of the Year, music teacher Kelly Dent said she enjoys watching students express themselves in a cooperative setting. She called those moments “pure magic.” “The experience can be as simple as performing a hand clapping game with a partner, or as complex as a four part canon, but the result is the same- an improvement in emotional well-being and enhanced sensitivity to the needs of others, Dent said. In this way, music programs, especially those focused on making music, play an essential role in the development of social skills and emotional awareness in students.” In addition to the potential benefits of engaging in musical activities, exposing children to music at a young age may even open an avenue towards a career.
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‘Quality music education should be a universal right’

There are signs that effective music education for all school students may become one of the governments priorities. To attain the goal there are certain basic things that must be done urgently. Australian National Music Curriculum Must be Built Across Australia there is no coherence in the music curricula used by different systems in different states. Once music is firmly included as a key learning area in the National Curriculum, the Australian Government must ensure that a music curriculum for the whole country is created by the National Curriculum Board. It must ensure that music education is inclusive, continuous, sequential and developmental. The curriculum should be based on the Seares Reports Guidelines for Effective Music Education, with the Queensland music curriculum as an additional guide.
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She is an affiliate of the Trinity Guildhall School of Music, London. She focuses on training students in Western music and she is the only one to include ‘Rock N Pop’ as a genre in her teachings. She attended the Music Learning Live! Asia Fringe on 24-25th of October, 2013 held in Singapore. She was the only one from India to attend this conference; that was attended by about 180 musicians from countries like Philippines, China, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. The conference was aimed at making music more interesting for children to learn. “Music is a human right and quality music education should be a universal entitlement.
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