Music By ‘guerilla Composers’ At The Conservatory Brass Chamber Music Recital

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Amber Hayes releases free holiday song

The group is the International Low Brass Trio (ILBTrio); and they have their own Web site , which makes it easy to identify the members. Those members are Jeff Dittmer on horn, Gabe Cruz on trombone, and Jess Rodda on tuba. The Friday concert was presented by the Guerilla Composers Guild , showcasing the work of three composers born between 1987 and 1990. Last nights performance by ILBTrio opened with a fanfare by Eric Choate, the youngest composer of the group. In the context of the entire evenings recital, it provided a striking contrast to the beginning of the concert, which was the fanfare that Paul Dukas composed for his music for the ballet La Peri. The Dukas fanfare is a warhorse for those who know the brass repertoire.
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CIM Winter Chamber Music Festival

We want the Northeast Ohio Community to know how fabulous our students are and the incredible dedication they have to the study of chamber music. Audiences can also observe the process which that musicians go through, the discussion and the joy of discovery at the master classes. Theres a little bit of something for everybody, and its all free. A more recent inclusion on the Winter Chamber Music Festival schedule is participants in the Advanced Piano Trio Program, founded last year by cellist and CIM faculty member Sharon Robinson. As cellist in the renowned Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio, she agrees with her colleague Annie Fullard that it is very important for students to have opportunities to perform for an audience. As a performer I have found that you dont really get a piece into your heart without performing it.
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