Imagine Dragons Channel The 1960s In Humorous “on Top Of The World” Music Video

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Imagine Dragons On Top Of the World Music Video

It climbed into the top 20 on the rock songs chart and was a top 10 pop hit in Australia and New Zealand. However, the success of the upbeat song did not come close to matching the hits “Radioactive” and “Demons.” Now, with a new humorous music video, the song is likely to draw more attention. Directors Matt Eastin and Corey Fox channel the 1960s with visual references to the Beatles’ legendary Abbey Road album cover and an exploration of the 1969 moon landing. There is even a visual spoof of President Richard Nixon. Imagine Dragons have become one of the world’s top rock bands with the success of their album Night Visions. It climbed to #2 on the album chart and has been certified platinum for sales.
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How iTunes changed music, and the world

The song is the thing in the iTunes world, and that means there’s less importance for the kind of artwork Thorgerson did — which, in its 12-by-12-inch LP album cover form, was sometimes more impressive than the music it housed. Yes, iTunes offers booklets, images, videos and movies, but you can’t frame those and hang them on a dorm room wall … or use them to spread out, uh, study accessories.
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World Music Institute Welcomes Anoushka Shankar Tonight

Together, the ensemble seamlessly integrates timbres and rhythms, new and old, from across the globe. The themes and messages found on Traces of You are inextricably linked to Shankar’s own life, having lost her father during the recording process. As a whole, however, the album projects a spirit of hope, finding meaning in the cyclic nature of life and the lasting influence of relationships.
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What Is World Music?

Drawing on the concept of bi- or multi-linguality, the program advocated bi-musicality, namely students acquiring skills in the music of another country after mastering that of their own. Needless to say, this was quite an innovative approach to music education at the time. Philip Yampolsky, Director of the Robert E. Brown Center for World Music at the University of Illinois School of Music explains: The idea behind the phrase was not that all kinds of music should be blended together to make a sonic stew, but that the study of music should take in the astonishing variety of the worlds traditions. World Music Day Though world music is by no means new music as a form of expression is as old as the human race its history as a genre and commercial branch of music is. Here, many roads lead to France, or Paris, to be precise, one of the European capitals of world music.
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