Bc Volunteers Share The Gift Of Music Education

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It really helped him in a different way to have that experience of trumpet. He discovered that he liked other instruments as well and was able to start to play guitar. He wanted to have that opportunity, and being there, its something different for the kids to do. Moreover, while the weekly face-to-face time may not seem like a lot, organizers and volunteers say it has a cumulative effect, creating a bond between the children and the BC students.
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Good music education only ‘for minority of pupils’

Schoolboys playing brass

The report said the new hubs had bought “energy” and “vitality” to music teaching. They continued to provide instrumental teaching and support orchestras and ensembles, choirs, festivals and holiday music courses.” But it added that while this was “essential” work, it only reached a minority of pupils and “too often” schools expected very little of pupils. “They failed to ensure that all pupils understood, and could use practically, common musical features such as notation, time signatures, scales chords and key signatures. “Many primary schools considered, without good reason, that pupils were not ready for such learning involving musical theory, and believed they would not enjoy it.” Continue reading the main story Start Quote Ofsted’s findings are based on just a quarter of the 123 hubs, which were assessed only a few months after opening End Quote Department for Education Michael Cladingbowl, director of schools policy at Ofsted, said: “Music is a demanding academic discipline, developed through exciting practical musical activity. “However, the vast majority of the schools visited shied away from teaching pupils about fundamental aspects of music as they thought it too difficult.
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Parliamentary inquiry pushes sweeping changes to make music a key part of education in schools

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